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good vibes - testimonials


Chris Smith

There’s always lots of anxiety for me before I deliver a portrait. This day was no different.

Luckily, the Smiths were overcome with emotion (that’s always a plus!). Their comment was that “I brought their sweet Chris back to life! It’s exquisite!”

The story behind the painting:

The Smiths lost Chris (Sharon’s dog) to cancer late last year, 2020. They wanted a painting to portray his regal personality along with his playful side depicted by his monkey.

Luke, their remaining golden and younger dog brother to Chris, went into a depression after Chris died. (This really happens to dogs)

Chris essentially raised Luke from a pup. He has adjusted to life without Chris....


They were kind enough to text me photos of the portrait hanging in its appointed spot and Luke’s reaction to the painting.

Tears... I love painting.

smith dog - luke looking at chris.jpg


My sweet friend, Marie, commissioned me to paint this gorgeous dog for her mom as a gift. 

Marie's mom is a huge Dallas cowboy fan, hence the cowboy blanket that Dallas is perched upon and of course, the name... Dallas!

Her mom was overcome with emotion and loved it. It proudly hangs above her fireplace in a prominent location. 

The delivery of her gift was at the height of COVID, so space and masks were a priority! 

RIP Dallas


Funny story about this portrait.

Daisy’s human, Liz, contacted me last year about doing this portrait of Daisy for her partner Bryan.


I added her commissioned painting request to my list and promised her I would get to it as soon as I could, but it may be a bit of a wait.

Around that same time her boyfriend, Bryan, also contacted me and asked me to do the same portrait of Daisy for Liz.


Daisy is Liz’s heart dog.I thought this was such an incredibly sweet and loving gesture.

I painted the portrait for Bryan to give to Liz without telling him that she also had requested the same as a gift for him.

The cherry on the top... Daisy was selected Best in Show at a recent exhibit at Arts On Granada.


Both Bryan and Liz are thrilled with the outcome!

PP PROS_edited.jpg

 Weezy's humans LOVED the painting and texted me several time to tell this!


They had it temporarily hanging in their bedroom so upon waking they could say good morning to their sweet girl.


RIP Weezy

PP Weezy w patty and dad.jpg

They loved it and gave it a 5 star review. I know I should, but I typically don't ask for reviews.


I guess that is the artist in me! 

pp - lynns kids review.jpg

"Thank you so much Kelly!  He was so surprised and he loved it!  We want to commission another one!"  Laura in PA


lauras hubby pic.jpg

"This was the best gift I could have given my Mom! She loved it! 

Thank you so much Kelly!"

Alex in Palm Coast, FL

Childhood memories@2013

ALEX W_edited.jpg

"This was the best gift ever! My friend could not get over how you were able to capture Monty's personality in his eyes. She thanks me every time I see her! Fantastic job!"

Jan in Flagler Beach, FL

Monty @2008

PP Monty best.jpg
Shadow WEB copy.jpg

"Thank you for bringing a bright light into the place of someone who truly needed it.  This was by far the best gift I could have given my sister. Funny, Try story... After she opened it, she set the painting against the couch and gazed at it. The car who was Shadow's best buddy walked up and meowed and laid down in front of the painting staring. After a few more meows, the cat walked up to the painting and looked behind it and then again in front, while continuing to meow. If I had not seen this with my own eyes, I never would have believed it!  We call it our Christmas miracle. My sister says she will find the cat occasionally staring at the painting on the wall"  


Nancy in California

Shadow @ 2008



I was ecstatic to learn that my work had been selected to grace the cover of JAVMA - Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association journal cover. What an honor!! 

skye pic.JPG


What can be said about Stan, the Boston, admiring his own likeness in a portrait?


I'm thinking he might be a little narcissistic...? 


What is your thought?! LOL

Grizzley WEB copy.jpg


"This painting has so much emotion for me. Grizzley was a great dog, and I cannot thank you enough for bringing his likeness to life!  You are truly gifted!"

John in Santa Cruz, California  Grizzley@2008



"Kelly, thank you so much for making this Christmas gift one of the best I've ever given my wife! She was so surprised that I could have thought of such a thoughtful gift (her words!) She cried when she saw it was a painting of her precious girl!  And thank you for getting the mat, frame and the stupendous wrap job!  We both love it!

Dick in Ormond Beach, Florida  Abby@2013

PP bulldog wedding BEST.jpg


"Kelly, thank you for a truly personalized, special gift. Tears were streaming down her face as my daughter opened this gift. Her bulldogs are her babies and were the ring bearers in her wedding. She has selected a prominent place in her living room to show off her portrait.  I need to honest and tell you... you need to charge more! 

Thanks so much!"

Pat in Holly Hill, Florida   Ring Bearers@2006

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