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 I paint using two different mediums; watercolor or acrylic.

Each medium offers it's own unique style, depending on the mood of the subject, the vibrancy of the lighting and the desired size. Please visit each gallery to see the difference with each medium.


I use high quality acrylic paints on professional quality canvas with a "gallery wrapped" edge for all of my acrylic portraits. Gallery wrapped canvas paintings do not require a frame.  If a frame is desired, one can always be purchased separately, and added at any time after delivery.


Watercolor paintings have a translucent quality and are considered transparent. Watercolor paintings are painted on paper and need to be protected from the elements of sun, water, and humidity. Watercolor portraits are matted and framed under glass.  I include an archival mat with each portrait. Frames are not included in the portrait prices.


The price for a painting is dependent on the size and medium that I use. The materials used for an acrylic on canvas are more pricey than that of a watercolor on paper. Although at times, a watercolor portrait might take me longer to finish due to the complexity of the medium. I charge by the lineal inch plus the cost of the materials.  Also taken into consideration is the complexity of the composition and elements in the painting.

Watercolor portraits painted on Canson Aquarelle cold press paper with archival mat (effective Janaury 2024)

  • 8 x 10    Starting at $400

  • 11 x 14  Starting at $550

  • Larger sizes – please contact me for a quote.

Acrylic portraits painted on 1.5 inch professional level gallery wrapped canvas

Below I have listed some popular sizes. I can supply a quote for any sizes not listed here. (effective January 2024)

  • 12 x 12   Starting at $375

  • 16 x 20   Starting at $475

  • 20 x 20   Starting at $600

  • 20 x 24   Starting at $675

  • 24 x 35   Starting at $900


Archival mats are included with all watercolor paintings. 

Due to the extensive options and personal preferences for frames, frames are not included in the prices of my paintings.

If you would like for me to frame your portrait, I can certainly do that for you.  An additional fee will apply.


Shipping and handling is additional. I will obtain a quote once I know the size, medium, and destination for your painting. 


  • What size do you want?

  • Do you have a preference for watercolor vs. acrylic?

  • What's your budget?

  • Do you have clear, good quality photographs of your pet?

    • Photography Tips – The better quality the photo, the better outcome of the portrait! I cannot stress this enough. It is imperative that your photo(s) be clear, concise, not fuzzy, or blurry.

    • If you want a portrait of the head, it is best to have a close up picture of the head. I need to be able to see details to capture the personality and coloring of your pet. I prefer to have several pictures to use as reference in addition to the one that you have selected as the inspiration photo for the portrait.

    • If your pet has passed over the rainbow bridge and your pictures are limited, I will do my best to create a beautiful portrait using the photographs that you have. I may ask you questions about coloring and personality to help me create the perfect painting for you.


  1. Decide on a medium (watercolor or acrylic) and size.

  2. Text or Email your photos to me. or OR 386.451.2737

  3. I will review your photos and contact you to discuss your selection, composition and details about the portrait.

  4. I will also give you an estimated turnaround time for completion. As of 2023 I am booking a year or more in advance. 

  5. I will contact you if you prefer, as the painting progresses. Many of my clients want to be surprised.

  6. I require a 50% down payment once you have placed your order. 

  7. I will send you a picture of the final painting for your approval. The remaining 50% will be due at the time.

  8. Once I receive your payment, I will ship your portrait to you. There is a nominal charge for shipping depending on size.

  9. Methods of payment:  I accept PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and personal checks.

  10. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions that you may have about the ordering process or anything within my website.

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